Monday, December 19, 2011

Mama Mare Must Have

One thing I love to do is chat with other moms and get helpful tips. We are all in this together, so why not make it a bit easier on someone else? So, going with that idea, I thought I would start a series of "Mama Mare Must Haves". I think most of them will actually be helpful whether you have kids or are just a busy person in general. Let's face it, who isn't? So here is the first one:)
A must-have is a good bowl with an air-tight lid. The one I have is a red Tupperware bowl. I bought it a couple years ago and at first was turned off by the price. But, I have to say it was worth it. I like to make a salad at the beginning of the week and then take bowls from it every day. Let's be honest here, if you are hungry and want something quick, no way are you going to make a salad. Well at least I'm not. I would much rather grab the Christmas baking taunting me from the freezer. This way, the salad is made and all you have to do is put some in a bowl and drizzle dressing. No real excuses here! It's tough with a busy lifestyle to get the right number of servings of fruit and veg and this really works for me.
This is an example of the salad I am loving lately. It's really simple: green lettuce, scallions, grape tomatoes, celery, carrots, cilantro and feta. I add the feta individually. All through my pregnancy I craved greek salad so I would do the same thing and make a huge one on a Sunday to snack at all week. Ok, now I've had my salad, pretty sure I'm going to enjoy a cookie;)

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