Friday, December 30, 2011

Mama Mare Must Have

It's another edition of my Mama Must Haves!  
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This was a gift at my baby shower in June and has been such a lifesaver.  I cannot recommend a play mat of some sort enough!  Some call it a tummy time mat, a play gym etc.  Whatever you want to call it, it is amazing.  I have been using this mat at least once a day, usually more like five times:)  The specific one (and the one in the photo) I have is the "Bright Starts Lion in the Park Activity Gym" and my friend found it at WalMart.  It has toys hanging from it from five loops.  There is also a little shatter-proof mirror that can either stick to the side or loop on the mat itself with velcro.  The bars are bendy with a lot of give.  The mat itself is machine-washable and wears very nicely.  We take this mat everywhere we go, holidays or even just a visit for the day to make sure our son has a place to play.  One disclaimer is that some of the toys you see in the picture are different than the ones this particular mat comes with.  That is actually a bonus I have found.  You can swap the toys that hang down so your child never gets sick of them.  
My son has had this mat for six months now and he absolutely loves it.  It's been a fantastic place for him to play while I make dinner.  He's improved his tummy time and rolling on it as well.  Even before he was reaching for the toys he was mesmerized by things hanging over his head.  
I can't rave enough about this affordable mat.  A definite must-have in my life as a mama. 

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