Sunday, January 8, 2012

Healthy Eating Tips

Eight days into 2012 and so far so good with the resolutions.  Been wearing SPF daily.  My first attempt at a french braid was miserable!  The healthy eating is a slow change, but a change nonetheless.  In fact, my husband joined me in having salad for dinner and that was the first time he's ever requested one.  Progress!
I thought I would share a few tips on how to curb snacking or late-night eating.  Often I snack and don't even realize it because it's mindless.  My two tough times of day are about 4 o'clock (hungry before dinner at 6) and about 8pm (bedtime snack).  Here are a few ways to stop the unnecessary snacking:

*Brush your teeth - I find this signals my mind that it is bedtime.  Plus, nothing really tastes good after I've just brushed my teeth!
*Keep you hands occupied - Maybe this is why I've been doing my nails so much, but if I paint them then that passes the time and I can't eat.  So whether it's a manicure, folding laundry, cleaning, scrapbooking, knitting, playing on the computer...there are endless possibilities. 
*Don't buy it - This may seem so obvious and simple, but it works!  We've been consciously buying healthier snacks and not having junk in the house.  
*Limit what or when you eat - Sure we have healthy snacks like nuts in the pantry now, but if I sit down with the bag, I will eat way too many!  A friend of mine suggested measuring out a portion and then just eating out of a bowl so when it's gone, you're done.  Also, we have started to just allow ourselves to eat junk on weekends.  I look forward to indulging but don't go crazy.  
*Drink water - I've heard so many times that if you think you are hungry, you are in fact dehydrated and thirsty.  I constantly have my water bottle within arm's reach.  I think drinking water helps you lose weight too.    

Hope these help!  Here's to getting healthier, in small, doable steps:) 

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