Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resolution Update

In order to be accountable, I thought I would write a quick update on how my resolutions are going. 
I have been wearing SPF on my face and neck every day.  But, the only snag so far has been this cold snap we've been going through.  The lotion with SPF doesn't seem to keep my skin hydrated enough so I have to reapply.  It's so dry here!  
The healthy eating is going pretty well.  I just allow myself treats on the weekend and have stopped eating after dinner.  These two small changes have resulted in me losing five pounds since the beginning of the month.  One interesting note about not eating after dinner: I find if I don't snack, I wake up not hungry.  But on the weekend when I do have a snack late at night, I wake up starving!  Being active has proven to be much more challenging with the weather.  Luckily I have a 24 pound baby to cart around!  I have discovered a local indoor walking track so we are going to try that next week to at least get some exercise.  
I've only tried to french braid once and this was the result: 
Not the best braid, but I think a pretty good first go!  It lasted all day which is a good start:)
How are your resolutions coming? 

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