Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Questionnaire

1.) Mood: Happy as I just woke up feeling great after going to zumba last night.  If you've never tried it, zumba is such a fun way to exercise. 
2.) Whenmaking a sandwich, do you care if one of the bread slices is the end of the loaf? Ew yes, I don't like the crust unless it's a loaf fresh out of the bread-maker.  Then I like to have the top! 
3.) What is the weather like today? Cloudy and cool, perfect weather for a morning walk. 
4.) Current nail polish: Sally Hansen's XTreme Wear in Flirt on my fingers and in Cherry Red on my toes.  I will post a Nail of the Day on Thursday to show you my nails. 
5.) What ring setting do you keep your cell phone on at night: loud or silent? (Or the phone completely off?)  We just leave our phones on a normal ring overnight.  When I had a blackberry through work I would turn it off completely overnight so as to not hear my constant email updates. 
6.) Current outfit: Old Navy brown knit sweater over a grey Mossimo cami, Old Navy stretch capris in a dark wash and my trusty black knee-high boots from Urban Outfitters.  
7.) What is your favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid, hands-down.  A redheaded lead? Please!
8.) Can you whistle using your fingers? No but I would love to be able to.  Maybe that will be next year's resolution.
9.) When doing laundry, do you separate loads (lights/darks, delicates, etc.) or throw everything together? I usually just do lights and darks.  
10.) Weekly goals: The dreaded take-down of Christmas decorations and continue to work on my healthy eating/exercising.  So far, so good, one day at a time. 

***Side note*** I hope you like these weekly questionnaires.  I took the idea from one of my favourite new websites: Amarixe who I absolutely love.  I think it's a good way for you to get to know me with random questions.  Like I said, I am random!  Feel free to answer these questions in the comment section or leave your own questions for me to answer. 

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