Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mama Mare Must Have

Ugh teething.  There is definitely a reason why we don't remember getting our teeth.  It is such a trying time for any lil one.  My son only got his first tooth a couple weeks ago, right before nine months.  He's been teething though for months.  The frozen teething toys work but I must say his absolute fave is his Sophie. (Check her out here) She's a teething giraffe, apparently from France!  Now there is some controversy about Sophie as some say she can be a choking hazard.  I can only speak from personal experience and personally, Sophie has been T's absolute saviour on many occasions. She's the perfect size for him to hold and chew on.  Plus she has a scent he seems to love.  Sophie is also T's most stolen toy!  Whenever we are at a baby group she's the first toy of his that is swiped.  
Now you may balk at the price of Sophie but she's worth the money!  Also a great gift if you know someone with a baby or expecting.  We love her!  
Now, if only she would cure teething;) 

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