Sunday, March 25, 2012

100th Post

I can't believe this is my hundredth post already!  What better way to celebrate than with my review of The Hunger Games.  
(Check out the trailer here.)
The movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins' novel The Hunger Games was released Friday and coincidentally we had company who were more than happy to babysit Thomas.  This is a real treat because we used to go to the movies all time.  I'd guess we would average going to the cinema once every two weeks before our lil guy was born and we miss those dates.  I digress.
We saw The Hunger Games yesterday starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark.  (If you are unfamiliar with the plot of this story, you can read about it here.)  
A couple days ago I celebrated by posting this Nail of the Day and also my review of the trilogy which I read recently.  To say it mildly, I was excited!  This movie did not disappoint.  I was crying no less than 20 minutes in!  The scene of the reaping did it to me.  Oh man was it gut-wrenching.  The running time is about two and a half hours, but it never felt like it dragged or went too long.  This says a lot because usually I get bored after 90 minutes!  The pace kept up just like Collins' books.  I was on the edge of my seat many times and I even knew what was going to happen:)  I've never been in a theatre full of people that was so quiet.  Most of the time I could hear people munching on popcorn it was so still.  It seemed everyone was gripped by the film.  Obviously the movie can't include all the details from the novel, but it did an admirable job.  I only wish Cinna was featured more because I love his character and his influence on Katniss.  
Oh and my other complaint?  Having to wait until 2013 for the next in the trilogy, Catching Fire.
Did you see the movie?  What did you think?  

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