Sunday, March 4, 2012

So Courageous

Even though my maternity leave isn't finished for a couple months, I was asked to help emcee an event last night honouring women.  How could I say no?  It was a great opportunity to help showcase some amazing women in and around my community.  Also, it helped me remember how to emcee!
(Would you believe the dress I am wearing I found brand-new with the tags still on at a consignment store for six bucks?!?)

In preparing for the event and reading over the script I had a feeling one particular award would be a tough one.  The was the 'courage' category.  Of course this was the one part of the evening that wasn't judged.  Both recipients were amazing women overcoming unthinkable circumstances.  
I had the believable honour of introducing Rita Chretien.  I am sure her name rings a bell as her story was told worldwide.  (You can read about it here
Just being in the same room as Rita was an honour but to introduce and meet her was moving.  I was definitely wiping tears away, along with the rest of the room! 

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  1. Dress looks great on you. Super buy. Glad the evening went well for you. How fabulous to meet Rita Chretien in person and hear her story from her own lips. Love, Mum xx


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