Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thank You!!

 I want to take today's post to thank you.  Yes you, reading this right now.  
Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by!
 This site has only been live for a little over two months but I am so excited by the thousands of hits it's getting:)  Giant smiley face!
So, in honour of all of you amazing people who decided to check it out, I wanted to post an embarrassing photo of myself. 
Here I am in the first grade before I knew the importance of grooming: 
Check out those uneven bangs and the tinfoil dress.  Classy right? 
I hope this has provided a weekend chuckle for you.  
Also, I am hoping to hear from you as I want to know what types of posts you'd like to see more of.  Please let me know if there are any topics you particularly are liking or if there's something new I should touch on.  I'd love your feedback.  
Feel free to leave a comment on this post or tweet me: @redmare.

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