Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Questionnaire

1.) Mood: Calm.  I woke up early and did 20 minutes of stretching.  Felt so good!  I used a stretching segment from Bethenny Frankel.  It's available on i-Tunes right now for free!
2.) Do you take vitamins every day? I take a pre/post-natal vitamin (Materna by Centrum) 
3.) Do you prefer sweet (chocolate/sugar) or salty (chips, etc.) type snacks? I prefer salty snacks like chips usually.  Although when I was pregnant I developed a sweet tooth and now I still love a Dairymilk chocolate bar. 
4.) Current nail polish: Orly's Goin' to the Chapel on my fingers and Essie's Splash of Grenadine on my toes
5.) What color are the walls of your bedroom? Purple
6.) Do you like to cook at home or are you more of a take-out person? Oh if I could afford it, I'd being eating take out every night!  But it's much easier to keep track of what I'm eating and be healthy.
7.) Current outfit? My new Gap skinny jeans with a white ribbed tank and black and grey cardigan.
8.) What is your favorite television program? I've talked about favourite all-time shows before so I will just go with current shows.  I really like The Big Bang Theory and Parenthood. 
9.) Can you do a cartwheel?  You better believe it!
10.) Weekly goals:  To brainstorm a way to improve our home office area.  I'd love a space to work on this website but right now it's very uninspiring!

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