Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Record Store Day!

It's the fifth annual Record Store Day!  I had actually never heard of this celebration, but upon doing some research have realized it's a pretty big deal in the music industry.  You can check out the official website here.

Today artists are celebrating everything vinyl and countless are releasing exclusive songs or albums in record form.  Artists like Katy Perry, Coldplay, The Black Keys, fun. and many more.  
There's been a bit of a rediscovery of vinyl in the past few years with more artists also releasing records and I love it.  Vinyl has such a nostalgic feel to it and there's just something precious about the size of a record and the intricate grooves which make music come alive.  Also, how great is it to go to a record store and thumb through album after album looking for that one that jumps out?  Or, to just lazily look through them, and discover someone new.  Why not spend your Saturday with a coffee in hand and take a lap through your local record store?  They are a dying breed. 

I thought I would celebrate Record Store Day by showing you how we display a few of our records. 
The two sets above are in our music themed guest bedroom.  I might actually do a tour of this one day.  But, all I did was buy matching frames and position the records inside them.  They are secured by an oversized silver thumb tack.  
Our basement is the room I let the husband decorate.  He bought frames specifically for records from Michael's and painstakingly chose these five the display.  They are a very inexpensive yet fun way to decorate.  Especially if you are music lovers like us! 

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