Thursday, April 12, 2012

iTunes Hacked

This is a cautionary tale, one that I hope doesn't happen to you.  One day my husband Jeremy logged into his iTunes account only to discover that his account balance had been wiped almost completely clean.  What an unnerving feeling!  It's like when your car is broken into or someone takes something from you; you just feel violated.  He found out something was wrong because his account had been de-activated by Apple and his credit card info deleted.  This was definitely a nice feature of the system.  But, it took us a couple days to navigate through the Apple website to find the appropriate means to report the hacking.  Jeremy looked through his account and found that his money had been spent on buying an app and then spending money to use said app.  It wasn't something he would ever have bought, considering it was in Chinese!  
So, after finding the form online and submitting it, we were very impressed that an actual Apple employee started emailing back and forth with Jeremy, not just an automatic response.  They credited his account back with the stolen money no problem.  
Jeremy didn't realize the hacking had happened until about a month after the fact.  As we were researching how to fix the problem, we found that a lot of people now just buy iTunes gift cards and keep a credit on their account.  This way, a credit card isn't necessary.  (Nothing happened to Jeremy's credit card, luckily!)  I think this is a good way to use iTunes, only with a gift card.  It's how I pay for books on my Kobo as well.  
I wanted to post this in case it ever happens to you.  Or, if you want to avoid having credit card info online:)

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  1. Brilliant post! Made me have a little giggle and also amazing outfit picks and justifications.


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