Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mama Mare Must Have

This one may seem a bit random or obvious, but nonetheless, here it is!  This is one of my most simple must-haves.  
A good water bottle.  
I guess starting when I was pregnant until now I have been carrying around a water bottle.  In fact, the one in the picture is my fifth!  This one I like because it is large, stainless steel, and I can either drink out of the spout or the opening, depending on my mood.  I also have a smaller black one that I love and use daily with my stroller.  
It's important to keep hydrated when you are nursing and I cannot believe how thirsty it has made me!  I would lose count trying to keep track of how much water I drink everyday.  I notice that I get tired or feel a headache come on if I haven't drank enough.  
I like to have a pretty bottle; one that I will want to tote around everywhere.  (Mine says, keep smiling and love life.)  This is another must-have or great gift for any mama.  

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