Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Questionnaire

1.) Mood:  Happy!  I managed to make it through April Fool's Day without getting fooled:)  This never happens! 
2.) How was your weekend?  So fantastic.  I just love spending time with my two men.
3.) Current nail polish:
 Revlon's Minted
4.) Do you tend to be too hot, too cold, or just right?
This is actually a funny question.  I usually feel chilly, but I give off a lot of body heat.  So, if you are sitting next to me or if we were to snuggle, you would probably be warm!  This is the origin of my husband giving me the nickname Furnace years ago.  

5.) What is your favorite genre of books?  Oooohhh this is tough.  I am going to have to say bestsellers.  Is that a genre?  I usually find that my tastes are in line with what's popular.  I like chick-lit, but not all the time.  I also like autobiographical books, but not all the time.  I switch it up a lot.  
6.) Current outfit:
  Skinny jeans and black tank, both from Old Navy, with an oatmeal coloured cardigan from Mossimo for Target.
7.) Are you a die-hard fan of any sports teams?
  Nope.  But my basement that is decked out in Detroit Red Wing memorabilia would tell you otherwise.  Do you think we are super fans or what? 

8.) Are you more of an in-store or online shopper?
 I started to shop online a lot more after T was born.
9.) Do you go by a nickname/something other than your given birth name?
 Some people do call me Marianne, but most use Mare.
10.) Weekly goals:  
Get ready for Easter!

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