Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Questionnaire

1.) Mood:  A little overwhelmed.  After being on vacation for two weeks, I have found myself with a two page to-do list!
2.) Are there any spring trends you're loving this year? Any you're hating? I love all the bright colours.  It's making me so excited for warm weather.  I also really like the skirts which go to about the knee or just below in the front and are longer in the back.  
3.) Do you like to cook? I do like to cook and try new recipes.  I get pretty bored though eating the same thing repeatedly so I like to mix it up.  
4.) Current nail polish:  Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink.  Super fun! 
5.) What is something you are excited about at the moment?  Heading back to work in four weeks!  Also, my mum has been away since January 1st in Arizona and is returning next weekend.  I can't wait to see her!
6.) Current outfit: Skinny jeans, long black tank, purple scarf and a beige knit cardigan. 
7.) Are you a heavy or light sleeper?  Very light.  It's rare I sleep through the night.  
8.) What size handbag do you prefer?  I really like a cross-body bag.  It seems to fit everything I need but it's not too heavy.  I was just given a new one that I can't wait to rock when I go back to work and leave my beautiful yet large diaper bag at home.  
9.) Do you like karaoke?  It makes me cringe and so nervous.  I've never done it and wouldn't even do it in front of strangers in Mexico.  My husband on the other hand, loves it! 
10.) Weekly goals:  Did I mention my to-do list? ;) 

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