Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama Mare Must Have

Happy Mother's Day!  
My Mama Mare Must Have today is mama friends.  I am so lucky to have six friends who all have babies around the same age as Thomas.  One friend I've known for years, another I met in pre-natal yoga and the others all came together at a mom's group at a local health centre.  Honestly, I can't imagine my year without these six ladies.  They've literally been a life-saver/sanity-provider/sounding board/source of laughter/reminder that I'm not alone/sharer of caffeine.  For months we've been meeting twice a week for a walk and a play date.  Yes the babies all play together and stare at each other.  Yes it's great that Thomas has learned to be around other little ones.  But let's face it, these gatherings are more for us mamas.  Countless times I thought I was being a terrible mum or that there would never be a solution for something that was happening.  Then I would talk to these lovely ladies and boom!  My mind at ease and problem solved.  
So, if you are a mama or a mama-to-be, I highly recommend joining groups where you can meet mums with kids the same age as your's.  I initially thought, "well what if all we have in common is our kids"? Some other moms I have met, that's been the case.  But if you keep looking you will find women who you can relate to on other levels as well.  I'm telling you, a life-saver. 
Happy Mama's Day!

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