Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Revlon Review

Today I decided to do a review on a couple of nail products that are doing wonders for my lil fingies.  I first heard about these two from Amarixe who did an entire video on them.  She's never steered me wrong.  I heart her and highly recommend her channel.
Anyway!  I decided to buy them and try them out myself.  
What I am talking about is the Revlon Colorstay's new base and top coats.  
I found them both at WalMart for a super reasonable price.  
Revlon is quickly becoming my favourite drug store brand for nail polish and make-up.  
First, the base coat: 
It's a nice thick formula which goes on very smooth.  I find it creates a flawless base for my colour.  It also seems to create a crazy strong connection with my colour and makes the polish last, no matter what the brand.   
The top coat:
The first thing you must notice is the dual brush head.  Isn't that unique?  It creates such a glossy finish. This top coat also goes on just as smoothly as the base and seals in the polish.  It is quick-dry as well, perfect for me because when I sit down to do my nails, time is always limited. 
These two have become my go-to set for doing my nails.  I am finding after only a week my nails are already stronger.  They aren't chipping nearly as quickly.  My index and middle fingers quite often split or break because they are so brittle.  The feeling of a broken nail gives me the creeps!  The combo of these two is strengthening my nails nicely.  I am also a huge fan of OPI's Nail Envy but the $20 (at least!) price tag is a turn-off.  Being able to get both the base and top coat for about $14 is much better.  The only negative thing I have to say about this pair is that the smell seems to linger.  If I do my nails at night and shower in the morning, I can still smell the polish the next day.    
What is your go-to base and top coat?  Have you tried these?  


  1. Every time I read your nail polish entries I want to paint my nails - but I'm horrible at it. And, the other day I found an empty bottle of nail polish remover under my bathroom sink...it had evaporated! Maybe I'll have to give painting my nails another try this summer.

  2. oooOooo I will have to try these!!! thank you Mare!!


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