Saturday, June 9, 2012

Choking Warning

This is one of T's favourite toys.  It's provided hours of entertainment both in the car and at home.  It makes sounds like a motorcycle, lights up and plays music too.  We absolutely love this toy and it's definitely been in T's top three faves for the past three months.  However, I had a bit of a terrifying event this past weekend involving this toy so I thought I would share as a cautionary tale.  
T and I were driving along and he was playing with his Harley toy as he usually does.  Then I started to hear him make some gagging sounds.  I looked back and he had his fingers in his mouth.  This is pretty normal as he's teething like crazy.  The gagging stopped and he seemed fine.  It started and stopped a few times.  I'd look back and he would be smiling away and looking out the window at the passing traffic.  But my mama instinct kicked in and I just knew something was wrong.  So I made a snap decision to quickly make a left off the highway on to a small pull-out to just check on him.  I parked, ran around the van and ripped the door open.  He was still gagging a bit so I put my fingers in his mouth and fished around.  (This is not the first time I've had to fish something out of his tightly closed mouth!)  I felt nothing.  I inspected this toy thoroughly and saw nothing missing.  Then he started to gag again,  so I put my fingers down the back of this tongue and fished out a teeny tiny piece of plastic.  It looked like saran wrap and had been the cover on the little mirror you can see on the toy in the above picture.  He'd been working for months to peel it off and had finally eaten it.  It was maybe an inch or two square.  SO SCARY!  This has happened to me and my friends with babes before with things like pieces of shag carpet, a piece of leaf, and the top off an individual yogurt.  They eat anything and do it so quickly!  The small, flat items just get wet with saliva and the babes can't swallow nor cough it up.  Just a warning, inspect your toys!  It's unrealistic to say we should be watching our babes at all times, especially when driving and T needs something to occupy him.  So, let this terrifying incident be a warning:) 

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