Monday, June 18, 2012

Sneak Peek - Bieber's Believe

Sometimes I just love my job.  This weekend, I got a sneak peek at the brand new Justin Bieber album Believe.  It hits stores Tuesday and is guaranteed to be number one.  Amazing to be able to hear it before everyone else!  So, I thought I'd share my thoughts.
This is no Baby Bieber.  Although he will still mature into a full-on adult sound, Bieber has changed so much since his first two albums.  He's grown a ton musically, lyrically and just his sound in general.  His range is wide and sounds a lot like another Justin, Timberlake.  
The album starts with the upbeat, feel-good All Around the World, a track that's been in my head all weekend long.  There's also As Long As You Love Me which not only shares the same title as a Backstreet Boys song, aces in my book, but is a great modern take on a love song.  Believe pays sincere homage to his Beliebers which I just love.  Bieber is joined by big names like Nicki Minaj and Drake but to be honest, I don't think he needs the help.  This Canadian stands on his own and doesn't need to be carried by anyone.  Out of 13 tracks, Bieber is listed as a songwriter on 12.  Love seeing this!  At times Believe has a similar vibe to his mentor Usher's 1997 album My Way, very R&B.
A few years ago when Taylor Swift released her second album Fearless I finally admitted I was a fan and decided I wasn't too old to like a teenage singer.  This is how I feel about Justin Bieber.  Long gone is the kid from Ontario with the side-swept haircut.  He's been replaced by an artist with real staying power whose beginning we are only witnessing. 

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