Saturday, July 28, 2012


Something I truly believe is:
Creativity quiets the mind.
Whenever I am truly stressed or in a bad place, the only thing that really mellows me out is being creative.  Whether it is scrapbooking, collaging, blogging, vlogging, painting my nails or a variety of other activities, this is how I quiet my mind.  Watching tv or reading just doesn't cut it.  
I've always loved to look through magazines, ripping out pages that inspire me, quotes that catch my eye and images that I'm drawn to.  I think I was ten when I started making collages, first in books then I collaged a lampshade, a desk front and finally, all four walls of my teenaged bedroom. 
To this day, collaging is a favourite of mine.  I love covering the front of a journal for example:
Here's one I did about two years ago that hangs in my office: 
To make your own collage, just gather old magazines.  If you don't have piles around your house, second hand shops are a goldmine for discarded magazines.  Choose topics you like and just browse the pages for things that catch your eye.  
Then, once the ripping is done, take time to cut out each image or quote however you'd like.  I usually cut close to the edges so that the clipping really pops in the finished product as you can see.  
Decide what you'd like to collage.  It could be as simple as a sheet of paper.  In this particular collage I had an old frame we weren't using so I bought a piece of large poster paper for a dollar (at the dollar store, natch) and cut it to size.  Then I used double sided tape to stick the images to the paper.  Sometimes it can be tricky to make everything fit, but that's half the fun!
Then I just put the collage in the frame and voila!

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  1. Dad also found peace and relaxation in being creative by working on his model planes. It's good you are using your creative gift and by using it you keep it alive and vibrant. Your writing is part of that creativity. Love, Mum xx


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