Monday, July 16, 2012

Cool Down Without the Calories

-Passion Tea iced tea (from Starbucks)

-brew tea, add one part water and chill in fridge (Gogi Pop David's Tea or Green Chai are good options)

- 1part cranberry juice, 3parts club soda, big squeeze of lime juice and some ice

- cucumber and water

- Watermelon, basil leaves, sea salt, white wine vinegar, water

-Starbucks Refresher - lime is my favourite

-water with fresh mint and lime

-water with lemon, lime or oranges or all of the above:)

-miO 'Fruit Punch'



  1. I have been loving a slice of lemon in my water recently!

  2. Delicious! RE: the watermelon drink. I bet fresh basil will make all the difference in the world. A much lighter, fresher flavour than the dried stuff! -SK

  3. Cryatal light has come out with non alcoholic versions of our favorite alcoholic summer drinks i have tried the mojito and the apple martini and both are nice and only 4 calories per cup

  4. Some great drinks here! I make lemonade and lots of iced tea this summer, but of course I put quite a bit of honey in both to make them enjoyable and not too sour. Love, Mum xx


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