Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mama Mare Must Have

I know it's been a while since I've posted something in the Mama Mare Must Have category.  But this is definitely a must-have in our little corner of the world right now.  
It's happened.  We were so naive in thinking that we wouldn't have to baby proof, but instead we would just tell our one year old not to do something and he would learn.  Well, he is learning but there was no way we could keep up with him!  We are on-the-ball parents, but T is just way too fast for us!  Every two seconds he was opening the kitchen cupboards or the china cabinet.  Exhausting.  
What really pushed us over the edge and solidified our decision was one morning while Jeremy was watching T, he got into our kitchen cupboard and doused himself in Comet.  Jer was two seconds behind him and T was way too clever.
So, we did a few simple things to make things safe for him and it's made a huge difference.  We use these latches to secure certain cupboards in the kitchen and bathrooms:

And these plug protectors to cover our sockets: 
 We've also started using a couple baby gates.  One is in our upstairs hallway so T can't get into my bathroom or down the stairs.  It's much easier to manoeuvre around in the hall, rather than at the top of the stairs.  Also, it gives him free range to crawl around the top floor without worry.  We have another to put in place at the bottom of the stairs in the basement or the main floor, depending on the day.   
Another suggestion from my experience is to put baby-friendly toys, books, etc in the bottom drawer of your nightstand.  We let Thomas play in our room in the morning while we watch the news and have a coffee.  That way he can play and not be harmed.  
One thing we are trying to figure out how to baby-proof is our floor vents.  He has figured out how to pull them right out!  I am nervous the next step will be throwing stuff down the vents.  So, Jer used the hot glue gun to secure the vent from little fingers.  Nope.  Those meaty paws easily ripped it up off the floor!  He's got super strength for a 14 month old:) 
We did leave some things like the plants, glass tables and ornaments.  We are telling him 'no' and he has learned the meaning of the word.  All in balance I guess:)

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  1. we have our vents screwed to the floor we just drilled holes then screwed them down


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