Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review- - Marianas Trench's Ever After

This week I decided to review Marianas Trench's latest album Ever After.  It's the BC band's third studio album and has had three singles released off of it so far.  I was so surprised a couple years ago how much I enjoyed Masterpiece Theatre and this, its follow-up, is no disappointment.  Lead singer and mastermind Josh Ramsay is incredibly talented and I believe he's going to be a stand-out in Canadian music for decades.  (Did you know he took Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe from slow, guitar-heavy song, to the pop smash it is today?) 
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The influence of Freddie Mercury and Queen is obvious throughout the 12 tracks, with its theatrical nature and flair.  Ramsay's blood, sweat and eyeliner are palpable:)  You should listen to this album from start to finish as it plays like a story with no break between songs.  There is zero filler and not one track I wanted to skip.  The songs are radio-friendly hits yet unique and unlike anything else out there.  Desperate Measures is their current hit and I cannot help but turn up the volume on this song.  Love it!  (And I think this is the first time a music video made me LOL!)
On a final note, I encourage you to read the liner notes.  There is an entire story that goes with the track listings.

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