Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Glymm Box

One of my closest friends bought me an incredibly thoughtful birthday present: a subscription to a monthly beauty box service.  With Glymm, you get a box of monthly beauty treats mailed to you.  It costs $12 a month with free shipping.  When I received the subscription notification, I filled out a survey describing my skin type, hair type, likes, dislikes, etc so that each box will hopefully cater to my needs.  (In Canada, there aren't many to choose from in comparison to the US and UK.)  I have always wanted to try a beauty box service and could not be more thrilled with this gift!

So, I am going to bring you along every  month to show you what I receive, what I think and show you photos/videos of the products.  The box arrived mid-month, but as I was away, I've only just opened it.

(Please let me know if you'd like to see me un-boxing it for the first time on camera, or if you'd rather me wait to try each product and then give you my thoughts.)

In this month's box came a beautiful black make-up bag which I plan to put to use right away:
Included in my box this month (I think each box can vary from person to person) was a sample of this Naked Princess lip gloss:

This hair conditioner from NuMe:
MAI Couture blush papers, which you literally just take a piece of paper and rub it on your cheeks as blush.  A very interesting concept I'd never heard of.
Face cream from Bentaberry for both men and women:
A clay mask from Vitamine and Sea:
And a perfume sample from Atlelier Cologne in the scent Vanille Insensee:
At first glance I am excited about the lip gloss, clay mask and blush papers.  I wish there was information included about each product, like how you use it, what it's for and how much it retails for.  I love that these are all brands I've never heard of because I love to discover new products.  Also, maybe this is just a coincidence but in researching some of the brands to include as links above, it seems they are all very organic and conscious of the products they use (paraben-free etc).  

I am excited to receive these boxes and will continue to share with you!

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