Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review - JLo Dance Again

This week I am reviewing Jennifer Lopez's album, Dance Again - The Hits.  Whether you are a longtime JLo fan since her days when she was just 'Jenny From the Block' or you've just discovered her along with American Idol, this album will appeal to you.  It's got all the great JLo songs like Waiting for Tonight (takes me back to high school:), Love Don't Cost a Thing, On the Floor…the list goes on and on.  All 13 tracks are hits and just two are new for this album.  Also an interesting aspect, nine songs feature at least one other artist. 
Jennifer hasn't changed her sound too much throughout her career and I think that's a good thing.  It shows just how dominate she's been in her music career, listing hit after hit.  Also, the tracks aren't dated.  The earliest would sound just fine on the radio today.  Her songs have great messages and no matter who you are, I think they are good esteem-builders.
When your read the back of the cd you will see that a ton of the songs say they are remixes which always makes me a little wary.  There's nothing worse than hearing a great song ruined by a terrible beat and weird remix.  There's none of that on this disc.  In fact, I actually can't even tell why they are considered remixes.  Everything sounds just like good ole Jenny to me:)  Although, I was disappointed that a couple songs aren't the versions with a rap as I love a good collaboration and rap break.  I am interested to see where Jennifer's career goes now that she's quit judging Idol.  You may remember she had quite a lull before getting that gig.  What now? 

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