Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review - Lush Lip Scrub

In the summer my lips get super dry.  Ok in the winter too.  Ok maybe all the time;)  I try to take care of them with good lip balms, SPF and drinking plenty of water.  But right now they are just so dry and chapped.  I have been neglecting to use this lip scrub that I used faithfully every day for months.  Man am I noticing a difference!  As soon as I get back into the habit of using it daily, my lips are smooth and supple. 
This is my first experience with Lush and I am very happy with it.  I chose the Bubblegum flavour for the lip scrub, but there are others to choose from.     
As Lush products are made from all-natural ingredients, it is safe to ingest the scrub.  Now that might sound gross, but this stuff seriously tastes like candy!  What I do is wet my lips and a finger, put the scrub on and then press my lips together a few times to really scrub them.  Then, I just like off the scrub!  You can also wash it off if that's weird to you;)  
I follow up the scrub with a good lip balm.  I usually do this right after I get out of the shower.  This leaves time for my lips to soak up the balm and be lipstick-ready once I'm done my makeup.  By using this scrub, I find lipstick holds great and the colour really sinks into my lips.  
My lips have never felt so smooth.  Now as you know, I like a good bargain, and initially I thought the $8.95 price tag was steep.  But, now that I have been using it almost every day since February and still have about two-thirds left, it's definitely worth the price.  It also doesn't expire until well into next year. 
What Lush products do you use?  I definitely want to try some others!

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  1. I went out and got the Mint Julips flavour shortly after you first mentioned this product. Love it! Keeps my lips super soft and smooth, and I don't even use it every day. Just a couple times a week. And then I follow up with my EOS lip balm. Such a great combo!



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