Friday, August 3, 2012

The Time Jer Saved Our Lives

Where I live, we are heading in a long weekend, with Monday being a holiday.  I know everyone who also has a long weekend is excited to say see-ya to work and enjoy three days off.  Even if you don't have a long weekend, I'm sure you are happy it's Friday!  But, I wanted to take a minute to share a terrifying experience that happened to me last year on this exact long weekend with the hopes that you will be careful.  If it wasn't for my husband's quick reaction, we would have been in a fatal car accident.  I emailed our friends and family after it happened and thought I'd share it with you:
Do you know how you would react when you have a split-second in the face of real life-threatening danger?
Jer does.
He straight-up saved our lives Monday afternoon.
We were driving home on a four-lane highway with a ditch running down the middle, going about 110km/hr. Jeremy was driving and I wasn't really paying attention, tired in the heat after a busy weekend. All of a sudden Jeremy yelled "OH NO!!!" and I saw gravel and objects flying towards us. A car, speeding the other way had hit the ditch at full-speed and was flipping straight at us. Jer swerved to avoid objects that were presumably hurtling out of the trunk. We hit the gravel shoulder and then started to fish-tail. Amazingly he was able to correct the car and pull us over to a stop a little way down from the crashed car. It landed in our lane upside down, gas spilling out and cars screeching behind it to avoid both the car and its flying debris. We got out of the car and just hugged each other, shaking in shock while I called 911.
Thank goodness no one was driving beside, behind or in front of us. On a busy end to a long weekend there was just enough of a pocket around us.
Thank goodness Jer was driving. About twenty minutes before we had pulled over to feed Thomas and I had offered to take over.
Thank goodness I was buckled in. About five minutes before I was turned around on my knees dealing with T's car seat to block the sun from his eyes.
Thank goodness Jer knows what to do in a life-threatening situation. My car was pelted with gravel and rocks and we ran over something but there was absolutely no damage. Jer thinks it was maybe a sleeping bag.
Thank goodness the shoulder was wide enough for us to drive on to.
Thank goodness Thomas slept through the whole thing.
I feel like Thomas and I owe Jeremy our lives. He acted amazingly in a situation which scariness isn't something I can convey with words. As we continued home we saw emergency vehicles flying up the highway and a medical helicopter on its way. That night while I was alone in the kitchen I couldn't help but think, "it's amazing that I am standing here right now, simply filling my water bottle". It's hard not to think of how it could have been much much worse.

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