Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Questionnaire

Courtesy of Amarixe, I thought I would do a random Tuesday Questionnaire:)

1.) Mood: Tired and already excited for a nap.  Too bad I have to wait about 4 hours!
2.) If you had to guess, how many beauty products would you say you use a day? I just calculated and at least 20!  This was surprising to actually think about.  I included everything from shampoo to perfume. 
4.) Current nail polish: OPI's Hot n Spicy (NOTD to come) on my fingers and a fuchsia colour from Orly on my toes.  (Side note, pet peeve when nail polish doesn't have a name.)
5.) What is your favorite dinner dish? Right now, pretty much anything I didn't have to prepare!  Because of our schedule, I make dinner every night.  If we are eating out I usually choose something with a vegetable like salad with chicken or stir fry.  I also absolutely love sushi!
6.) Current outfit:  Even though it's supposed to be 30 degrees today, it is freezing with air conditioning at work.  So I am wearing skinny jeans from Old Navy, a black tank with sequins and a mint green cardigan.  Flip flops with silver embellishments too. 
7.) Do you like to dance? Love to.  Don't think I go a day without dancing around our house:) Or the studio during my show.  
8.) Can you drive a manual transmission/stick shift car? This question's timing is funny because this morning on my show I was talking about how only 20% of people can drive stick with that number shrinking.  No I can't drive stick because I'v never had one.
9.) What is the last beauty product you purchased? New conditioner from L'Oreal with aragon oil.  But, next week I am going to be doing some fun shopping.  Prepare for hauls:)
10.) Weekly goals:  I have an extensive to-do list because this weekend we are leaving on a ten day trip to see my family in Philadelphia.  Seems daunting right now to get everything done as it's our first flight with Thomas.  

Me riding the old school escalator in Macy's in NYC on one of our previous trips.  Can't wait!

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