Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

Here's a great picture of me in second grade, sans my teeth but with some hair-sprayed eighties bangs:)  Even back then you can see one side of my hair flipping under and the other flipping out.  Good times;)  

I thought it would be fun to do a post about back to school.  I haven't been in high school in more than a decade but I still think of this time of year as back to school.  It's a great excuse to have a fresh start.  I've been doing a lot of purging in our house.  Packing up clothes that no longer fit Thomas, cleaning out rooms and drawers and re-arranging our place in general.

Also this time of year I have the strongest urge to shop for school supplies.  (I even tried to convince my 10 year old niece to let me take her:)  There's just something about a pack of pens, a fresh notebook and tools to organize said supplies.

Wow I sound like quite the nerd!

I tweeted yesterday morning about wanting to buy some pencils and erasers and a very smart woman tweeted me back saying every year she feels the same way, buys supplies and then donates them.  Genius!  So I did some digging and in my town a host of organizations are collecting school supplies.  The Salvation Army, the women's shelter, a grocery store and even the local schools.  I wish I had done this before school started, but better late than never right?  

I've heard from a lot of parents who've been counting down until this week, signalling the end of summer and the beginning of some downtime as the kids go back to class.  I am sure one day I will be echoing these sentiments.  

I started grades one, four and five as the new kid as my family moved around quite a bit growing up.  It can be tough being the new kid, but just remember that it gets easier.  Soon you will be rushing around school or campus, forgetting how big it once seemed.  It's been exactly nine years since I started my broadcast journalism program; crazy to think how much has changed since then.  I was quite the nervous small-town girl starting that semester.  But it quickly got easier and it will for you too:)  

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