Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's All In the Little Things

Sometimes I like to remind myself to take a moment to really appreciate the little things in life. 

Wow, that sounds ridiculously cheesy.
I took this while on our vacation.  Consider it my 'happy place'.
:)  However cheesy that sounds, it's true.  It's important to acknowledge the small things that can provide a smile or sense of calm to your life.  

If you are having a bad day or something is weighing heavily on your mind, it can be therapeutic to stop and appreciate the little things.  

I decided today to share some of the little things making me happy lately:

- filling up the coffee maker at night so that in the morning fresh coffee is ready at the click of a button

- splurging and buying coffee beans to grind so the coffee is extra fresh and flavourful

- tidying a room that's been messy and bugging me for too long

- preparing a gift for a friend

- spending time with my 10 year old niece before she moves away 

- brainstorming new and exciting ideas for my radio show

- having two weeks off to really clear my head

- playing the new Taylor Swift song on repeat

- crossing things off my to-do list

- purging clothes, shoes and bags I don't need

- making a fall shopping list

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me your small things. Join me in taking a minute to focus on the positive and force yourself to come up with at least a couple small things that will make you smile:) 


  1. The thing that makes me the haPpiest after a day at work is when my little girl smiles at me it makes me forget everything and makes me fall in love with her even more!

  2. When we took the cancer outreach workshops when we were away, our leader, Shary suggested that we keep a 'Thankful Journal' and write at least 3 things every day we are thankful for. This is especially directed at those enduring a battle with cancer, but it's good for anybody. Now, every night, before I say my last prayer I give thanks for all the things I have been thankful for in that day. The list is usually, no always, much, much longer than 3 things.
    Things that make me laugh: Gary's unintentionally funny comments on everyday events, Thomas' antics and expressions, hearing you laugh.....
    Love, Mum x


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