Sunday, September 9, 2012

Make At Least 10 Meals For Under $20

I have discovered a great way to cook ten, healthy meals at an extremely low cost.  I hope you find this helpful as it's quickly becoming a go-to in our house and I think it's perfect heading into the cooler months.

I start by buying one of these pre-cooked chickens from my local grocery store's deli:
As you can see in the photo, this 900 gram chicken cost $8.49.  We really like this chicken as it's flavourful, juicy, fresh and not fried.  I usually discard the skin.  There is so much meat too, which makes this perfect for multiple meals.  Serve this with a side of veggies and maybe a portion of mashed potatoes, rice or quinoa.  

Then on day two, I peel some of the chicken off to create one of our favourite meals, BBQ Chicken Sandwiches:
(This recipe is from one of my Weight Watchers cookbooks.  The points per sandwich are six!)

RECIPE (per sandwich):
1 cup pulled cooked chicken
1/4 cup of your favourite BBQ sauce (or more if you like it saucier;)
chilli powder
paprika (or whatever spice you like)
your favourite type of bun (I use a hamburger bun)

Mix chicken with sauce and spices in a pot over low heat, put on the bun and enjoy!  

I serve this with a salad, whatever veggies are in season or frozen veg.  I actually learned through Weight Watchers that no nutritional value is lost if you eat frozen veggies instead of fresh.  This is fantastic because frozen veggies are such a cost-effective option.  If you find them bland, I like to add some flavour with a little dill or basil or even pepper.  

Then, I take as much of the leftover chicken off the bones and set it aside.  Take the bones and boil in water on low for a few hours to create a stock for soup.  If any meat remains on the bones, it will fall off in the water.  Once you have boiled the bones into submission, discard them and you will be left with a nice start to a broth.  Then I usually add some more chicken broth (can find this for very cheap, like $2) and the leftover chicken in a big pot.  To this I add any vegetables I have that need to be used up like onion, carrot, celery, corn, maybe cabbage, anything.  Also, I like to add quinoa to make this a heartier soup with more substance.  Quinoa is such an amazing addition to any dish.  You can also use rice or noodles.  (If you are going to use noodles, wait until later in the cooking process so they aren't mushy.)  I also add some spices like dill, pepper, celery salt, basil, whatever you desire.  

Voila!  You have soup.  I like to make soup to use up whatever I have in the fridge or cupboards.  I will freeze this in yogurt containers and in each put enough for two servings, that way I can thaw a container for an easy meal. 

In all, with two servings for the first chicken dinner, two sandwiches and then the soup, I can easily get ten meals out of this one chicken, usually more like fourteen.  The cost is minimal as besides the chicken, you just need a couple buns, BBQ sauce, some veggies, stock, quinoa if you like and spice.
Simple and inexpensive!  Hope you like this idea.  Let me know if you try this or if you would like to see more posts like this!


  1. Thanks Mare will definitely try this one. I'm a single mom who LOVES to save money and make our food stretch as far as possible. Please add more post like this if you have them. Thanks a bunch!!!

  2. I'm proud of you, dear! Mom x


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