Friday, October 19, 2012

Out With Summer, In With Winter

It's been unseasonably warm in my area and so I only just this week switched out my summer clothes for my fall and winter ones.  I like to do a swap twice a year.  I even put my flip-flops and sandals away  to make room for my boots.  I like to use a shopping bag and store it in my closet out of sight.  
 Speaking of boots, I finally let go and threw out this pair of black tall boots that have been my faithful companion for three years.  They were ripped and leaked water but they were the most flattering boot I'd seen in a long time.  I have been trying to replace them for a few seasons but never found anything good enough. (Until I found the ones you saw in my last OOTD.)
A good rule of thumb when doing this is to make a pile to donate at the same time.  If I didn't wear it all season, it goes.  I got sick of transferring clothes from storage to only put them back in the box months later.  If I didn't wear it, chances are I won't again.  I do not like having things wasting away in boxes, cluttering up my space.  I'd rather someone else have the chance to enjoy it.  Plus, it's an excuse to go shopping;) 
 I like to store my out of season clothes in shallow tubs that fit under our bed and spare bed.  Then they are out of sight yet accessible.   I just found these tubs at Wal- Mart.  I also like that they are see-through so I can see what is in there.    
Another tip which some of you may find weird, is to check for 'free' things.  I don't know if it's like this everywhere, but in my town people have started to leave things on their lawn with a free sign.  I know people who have found beautiful desks, bed frames, tables and all kinds of things.  The rack in the picture below is something I also found for free.  I love it!  I like to have some of my current or favourite shoes out on display.  I also found a glider and stool set for free on Facebook when I was pregnant.  Can't go wrong after a little disinfectant;) 
I hope some of these tips help you.  Do you swap out your clothes depending on the season?  I want to do a closet tour, but I am actually negotiating a closet make-over right now.  If it gets approved, I will bring you along for the ride. 
Another great place to find ideas and tips for organization is Pinterest.  Find me on Pinterest.  I am currently obsessed! 

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  1. Mare! It's like we were separated at birth, seriously I have done the exact same thing for years. These days I am really into awesome finds at Value Village and the Summerland Auxiliary. And definitely secondhanding at Pipsqueaks and Damsels and donating! Cheers!


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