Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wise Word Wednesday

This week's quote is particularly timely for me.  I've been making a conscious effort for a while now to not engage in gossip or bad-mouthing anyone behind their back.  It's been interesting to see how people react when I won't join in on their conversation making fun of someone.  Usually they are less than impressed with my blank stare.  Sometimes I will flatly call them out on being jerks and other times I just quietly sit back.  Friends and co-workers seem put-off that I won't contribute in idle gossip.  
I always think to myself, "I would hate to find out that someone was talking like this about me".  Coincidentally last week I found out someone has been talking trash about me behind my back.  At first I was annoyed and wanted to confront them.  Then I realized their comments were spawned by jealousy and I decided to move on.  I work hard with my head down and don't brag about my achievements, and this person was wanting a piece of that pie.
 I'm not saying I've never gossiped, because we all have.  I just try to be aware of it now and choose to avoid the drama. 


  1. Nice! I have been doing the same thing for years. I just feel like it's not very grown up behaviour. My friends are used to it now lol. I usually try and say something good about whoever is being gossiped about and then they start being more reasonable. People will get used to the new direction you've taken

  2. You don't want to gossip but you pointed out the fact that someone was trashing you behind your back. That's still creating drama!

    1. I wouldn't say it's creating drama because I don't know who the person was nor did I take it any further to spread rumours about them. I just mentioned it to show that it can happen anytime and we have a choice whether to lash out and create drama or just continue on with our head down:)

  3. Even if you are not contributing to gossip, if you sit there while it is happening and don't say anything, you are participating.


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