Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Week Tips

Yesterday I did my annual trip out Boxing Day shopping.  I think I have been going shopping on December 26th for about 20 years now!  I just love getting out of the house, seeing what deals there are to be found and enjoying the hustle and bustle.  In case you are planning to take advantage of Boxing Week, I thought I would share some of my tips:

Go With Others - It's great to be able to only park once and also, have someone else to help you decide if it's worth the sale, or if it's a panic pick!

Watch the Deals - Research what competitors are listing as prices for certain items.  Jer wanted something specific this year and found three different 'sale' prices for the same thing.  It definitely was worth looking around.

Check Online - I have found almost all the flyers online this year. Also, some sales get increasingly better as the week progresses

Don't Be Lured - Once you are in the store, make sure that you aren't drawn to certain items that aren't on sale.  That happened to me yesterday and I will be returning it ASAP!  I found the same thing for $40 less elsewhere!

Take Snacks and Water - Keep that energy up!

Here are the goodies I found yesterday on Boxing Day:

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