Friday, December 21, 2012

Ugly Christmas Shirts

This year I decided to wear my ugly Christmas sweaters and shirts to work as we head into the final days before the 25th.  I wanted to share with you my questionable fashion choices this week!
(Please excuse the subpar quality as I used my phone to post on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.)
This is a red candy cane covered sweater that I cut up to fit better.  I find cutting off a sweaters neck, bottom cuff and part of the arms can help make something less snug.  If I am buying something from a thrift store, I have no problem cutting it up to fit better.
This gem is actually Jer's ugly sweater from a few years ago that he wore to a party.  We simply found the sweater at a local thrift store and then went at it with the hot glue gun and a decoration. 
This was my sweater from the same party.  A simple black cardi turned into a hot mess courtesy of a hot glue gun and dollar store decorating pieces.
Today I am wearing this "All I Want For Christmas is Peace" tee that I picked up off of Beyond the Rack last year.  It's festive and fun, and a little less ugly;)
Do you use the holidays as an excuse to dress festive?  No? Just me? ;)

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