Thursday, January 24, 2013

Delicious Sandwich

If you have been following this website or my YouTube channel, you will know I am not really a lover of the sandwich.  I eat one a week at least, but only because it's a healthy and easy lunch option.  So, this being said, I am always on the look out for easy lunches and ways to make a sandwich more exciting.  I found this recipe and gave it a try this week.  Delicious!  I wanted to share it with you in case you are also looking for a fresh idea.  If you don't like green onion or cilantro, you could use different fresh herbs.  I think dill would be delish!  I did NOT remove the skins as it says to.  WAY too much work;)
I featured this sandwich in my latest What I Ate video:


  1. This recipe sounds delicious! My only question is do you have to remove the outer skins of the entire can of peas?

    1. Totally no! I didn't remove any skins and it worked great. I used an electric masher, but that's probably not necessary:)

  2. Very yummy and healthy day's eating. Good turkey dinner, can't beat left over turkey dinner on a cold January night. Good for you dear, keep it up. Love, Mum xx


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