Friday, January 4, 2013

How To Exercise With a Busy Schedule

A couple days ago I posted my New Year's Resolutions.  I asked on my Facebook page if you had any tips on how to exercise with a busy schedule and little ones running around.  Your response floored me!  Thank you so much to everyone who commented!  I wanted to share these amazing tips with you:


Jennifer - Wii fit!

Cat - Try running up and down the stairs in your house for 2-5 minutes every day.

Loni - Thomas is probably a little young still, but I have a couple of work out videos and when I actually find time to watch them the kids usually try and do the exercises along with me They have so much more energy then I do!

Will- When u get home from work exercise then. BEFORE u sit down. Walking or jogging stairs with the little one on ur back is good too. Jogging with a stroller too. My kids are 11. I STILL get them to jump up on my back to walk stairs. I also will have them sprint along beside me at the track. Just have to think outside the box

Steve - Kettlebell. 15 minutes.

Taryn - I have started dancing.....I pick one song(will increase as i get fitter) and some time in my day between foldinng laundry and making dinner....I turn up the music and just giver! Konnor thinks its hollarous ans kinda dances along to!

Sarah - I do activities with my kids....skating, swimming, etc.

Jasmine - Fitness DVDs are a lifesaver. Saves travel time to and from the gym and one DVD that you can use over and over is the cost of a drop in class, at least in the city! I like Tracy Anderson mat and the Ballet Beautiful series. Mandy Ingber's Yogalosphy is also KILLER.

Megs - Haha Jillian michaels it's only 25 mins so I usually do it when ash is eating in his chair.

Jenny - I like to take my little ones 2 and 3 to the walking track at the sportsplex and they jog around the track with me. My hubby comes along so he keeps an eye on them when they fall behind. Lol

Crystal - My three kids and I have daily dance parties where we just go nuts and shake and jump whatever we feel like and the next morning I feel like I did an intense workout

Brenda - You can exercise at home with your little guy Mare. Youtube "Exercise with Baby" and they show so many exercises that you can di with your little one. It's pretty cool and you get to turn your exercise time into playtime with him

Sarah - Find a good gym with good classes and a good daycare. Spin are great, step classes are great, bootcamp classes etc... the key is to get the little guy used to spending an hour with the daycare so mommy can get an hour for her own health.

Amanda - The only thing I've been able to stick with is an early morning class (6:15 am) before work and life gang up on me. I realize that for you, an early morning class before work would be at, like, 2:45 am, so perhaps my suggestion will not suit your life…for me, going to a class is a must. I have tried to be disciplined enough to just do workout DVDs on my own, but always find excuses to flake out on myself. Once I've paid for a class and have committed to be there, the only real battle is showing up, then the rest just kind of happens.

Cathy - You have to make it a priority. Easy to say, I know. But when I had little ones I did. I got day care for two hours so I could exercise. NOW, my problem is that my kids are what's my excuse?

Aren't those just fantastic!  I can't wait to try out some of these ideas.  I also had some great tips posted on my YouTube video here.  How do you manage to fit exercise into your schedule?


  1. Fabulous ideas! Love, Mum xx

  2. Which fabulous smile do I love the most? Can't decide, both beautiful. Love, Mum xx


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