Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mama Mare Must Have

Judging from the photos you may think this is going to be a random post with not much weight. 
Just keep reading.  
Thursday night Jeremy went out for a haircut after dinner.  Thomas and I were upstairs playing and tidying up as we do, winding down for bedtime.  We were in my bathroom and I left for a second to put something away. 
I heard the bathroom door close.  No big deal, I thought.  
Then I heard the toilet flush.  Ok, not the greatest things.  Perhaps I should check this out.  So I dropped what I was doing to see if the toilet was overflowing.
The bathroom door was locked. 
Disbelief and then panic set in right away.  How on earth had Thomas managed to turn the lock inside the door?
My first thought was to call Jeremy back because he was going to have to bust the doorknob off.  
Then I realized my phone was inside the bathroom and I had no idea what his number was.  (We just recently got new phones and numbers.)
So I ran downstairs, wracking my brain about what I could use to try and unlock the door.  From my kitchen drawer I grabbed a random key and my ridiculously girly tools.  
My first thought turned out to be the right one.  I took my flat-head screwdriver and turned the indent on the front of the knob.  This unlocked the door!
I rushed in and grabbed Thomas, hugging him so tight.  I was still in shock that this had happened!  He on the other hand was completely fine and getting into zero trouble.  (The toilet lid was closed and he had just flushed for fun.)
All of this happened in probably two minutes, but it seemed to go in slow motion!
So, I wanted to share this with the hopes that you will take a minute to check the doorknobs in your house.  If you have the same ones as us, you should be able to just turn the front and unlock it from the outside.  If not, check to see if there is a safety feature in case this same thing happens to you.  If not, perhaps invest in some new knobs.  It will be cheaper than busting the door!
PS I think this gave me a new grey hair!


  1. So glad all is OK!!!
    With some older door knobs they have a small hole in the centre and you insert a small knitting needle, crochet hook or something similar.
    Love A&G

  2. We childproofed all of our doorknobs until our kids were old enough not to need them. This way, we didn't have to worry about investing in new knobs or replacing anything. We got down on hands and knees and anything we could touch got childproofed! :)


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