Friday, January 25, 2013

Nail of the Day

This is my second experience with Nails Inc. and it's just as good as the first.  This polish is impressing me to no end.  Although this is two coats, I easily could have gotten away with just one.  It's very opaque and not streaky on my nails at all.  This red shade is called Charing Crossing, another homage to London.  This British polish is super shiny and high-quality.  I received this colour along with three others in a gift set from my four year old niece for Christmas.  (She clearly has fab taste already!)  I looked Nails Inc. up online and found it's sold at Sephora, for about $11.  Now in my opinion it's a tad high of a price to pay, but this polish is totally worth it!  It even dried quickly and didn't smudge.  

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