Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chitty Chatty

Happy Sunday!  I am still in my pyjamas writing this and it feels oh-so-good!  We have started to pack all our weekend errands into Saturdays so then come Sunday we can either lounge around or do something fun as a family.  I am loving it!  We are just about to leave for the pool and then this afternoon Jer will be watching the Red Wings game, followed by the Oscars!  It's my holy grail television broadcast. I can't wait!  

For the show tonight I am most looking forward to:
- the fashion (of course!)
- watching Adele perform
- seeing if Seth McFarlane can fill the big shoes of hosting
- learning who wins what category (I am rooting for Argo, even though I haven't seen it yet!)
The only Oscar-nominated movies I had a chance to see were Flight (amazing!) and Silver Linings Playbook (also very good).  Usually I try to see as many as possible, but failed miserably this season what with having to go to bed at eight every night and Thomas not being old enough to go to the movies yet:)

Have you seen my latest video?  It is another Products I've Used Up one, showing you items I have emptied and whether I like them enough to repurchase.  These are some of my favourite YouTube videos to watch.  

I am hoping to film a couple book reviews today as well as my February Favourites and a review of the daily planner I've been using.  Are there any videos you'd like to see?  

Last night I had a fun girls scrap-booking session where we made tiny books.  I have only ever done a 12x12 and so this was a fun new challenge!  I decided to make a little book for Thomas so he can flip through pictures of himself and family.  It turned out really well and I can't wait to show him.  Scrap-booking is one of my favourite hobbies but I just don't make enough time for it.  Getting together with some friends was an excellent solution:) 

How has your weekend been?

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  1. glad you had a chance to scrap book again. I look forward to seeing the little book. love, Mum xx


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