Sunday, February 3, 2013

Junk Drawer No More

The other day I was looking for something in our kitchen drawer and seeing the state of it finally sent me over the edge!  We all have a drawer in our kitchen that slowly becomes a catch-all for pens, receipts, grocery lists, coupons, name it, it's in there! 
This is what our's looked like:
I decided once and for all to tidy it out and thought I could show you the process to hopefully give you some inspiration to do the same and some tips on how to go about it. 
The first thing I did was lay everything out on my kitchen counter so I could really see what I was dealing with.  There were coupons, dried up pens, garbage, expired coupons, pre-natal vitamins, 3 Tide-to-Go sticks and a whole lot of random bits and bobs!
I went through it all and got rid of what wasn't needed anymore.  I also tried all the pens to make sure they work.  
Then I wiped down the drawer itself.  It's important to start with a clean space:
I sorted everything into categories and then brainstormed why I could use from around the house to section things off.  I love to use 3-wick candle holders for all sorts of things and so that was an easy choice.  (If you don't know how to clean out an old candle, I show the easy process in this video.)  
I decided to put our gift cards and coupons in one so they are easy to see, with the container being clear.  (I was sad to see how many coupons had expired in our drawer!)
Then I found an old face wipes container that is the perfect size for receipts.  I am not going to use the lid, but it would be great for a catch-all in the drawer for maybe little toys or crayons or paper clips etc. 
This is what the final drawer looks like.  It might still look very full, but now it's much easier to see everything and just grab what I need quickly.  (I was also able to put a Tide-to-Go in both my diaper bag and purse, much more handy there!)
I also used a little dish to hold hair bands, elastics, paper clips, extra keys an other things that were just laying loose.  In with the pens, I included extra stamps and flower food.  At the back there are our scissors, screw driver and hammer.  And along the side I slipped the extra notepads.  I hope these tips help you become a little more organized.  Just look around your house to see what can be used as a basket or box make everything have its designated place.  Makes looking for things and tidying things much easier!
But, let's be honest, the drawer will always look cleaner...when it's closed!

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