Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mama Mare Must Have

I haven't done a Mama Mare Must Have in a loooong time and I figured it was about time!  (I really should do more and will try to rectify this!)
 Today I wanted to tell you about (in my humble opinion) the best high-chair out there.  When we were first looking at high-chairs, a few things surprised me.  First, how expensive they can be.  Second, how many of them are massive.  Third, why are so many covered in a ton of fabric?
I wanted something simple, easy to tuck away, portable and washable.
Once I knew the cost, I started to look on different sites to buy one second-hand.  Even those seemed outrageous to me!
Then, I found this gem.  It is the Ikea Antilop High-Chair (complete with tray).  For some reason the chair and tray come separately, but when bought together it costs $25.  That's right!  I thought it was going to be terrible quality or break easily.  I would say I have had this for a year and a half how, easily and never once had a problem.  It's sturdy (Thomas weighs more than 30 pounds).  It comes apart easily for travel.  It's easy to wipe down.  The safety belts adjust easily and so when T has had friends over we can make sure they are secured in the chair also. 
I can't rave about this enough!
There was a recall globally as some chairs had safety belts that would randomly undo, but this has never happened with our chair.  
If you are going to have a baby or toddler visit, this is a fabulous chair to have on hand.  The legs come off and so it's even easy to store.  I tuck it against the wall in our dining room when T isn't using it and it's perfect!
What else can I say?  How about just showing you it in use? 
Mmmmm avocado!

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  1. He's just THE most precious little guy in the world. Love, Nanny xx


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