Monday, April 8, 2013


Today's Nail of the Day is a unique one.  The photo above was taken seven days after I painted my nails.  I didn't get around the taking a picture when the polish was fresh and so I wasn't anticipating having a blog post on this.  Until day after day passed with no chips.  Zero touch-ups.  This is pretty much a miracle!  This is Revlon's Urban.  Gorgeous.  Still obsessed with my darks.  This has a purple tinge to it as well that isn't showing up in this picture I posted to my Instagram.  Thanks to you who recommended this shade.  A week's worth of wear is rare.  (PS I am on vacay right now which is why I am not holding the polish bottle in this shot;) 

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  1. Nice to have it last 7 days without touch ups, wow! I have French on this week. Love, Mum xx


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