Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review - NKOTB

This week's review is for the newest album from New Kids on the Block: 10.  Are they still considered "New Kids"?  Or is it just NKOTB now that they are 40 year old men?  Regardless of what you want to call them, these five guys are back with, you guessed it, their tenth studio album and first since 2008.  On this record NKOTB is definitely debuting a more mature sound and they sound at ease with their age as well as place in the music industry.  Let's be honest...did any of us predict such a comeback?  Doubtful!  They are touring this summer and this album coincides with their trip.  NKOTB isn't trying to gain new fans, but instead are honouring their long-time admirers with 10.  The first single, "The Remix (I Like The)" is so catchy and fun.  It's an upbeat track, the perfect to kick off 10.  There are a lot of ballads on this album, but also some more tracks like the first single to get you going:)  I think 10 will not disappoint NKOTB fans.
Can I also add they clean up well? ;)
I am in love with the video for the first single, "The Remix (I Like The)" and just had to include it here for you to enjoy a lil eye candy:

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  1. Oh man soooo many memories. THEY were my teen years.....


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