Friday, May 31, 2013

Hi There

YouTube has changed their format and for my new channel design, I created this trailer. It describes what my YouTube videos are about and a little bit about me. I thought it would also be a nice introduction to include on here. I know some of you have been in my life forever, but others are new. Hello, welcome! 
 Here's a short clip to tell you a little more RedheadMare:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mama Mare Must Have

Today's Mama Mare Must Have isn't something you can buy in a store, nor is it something you can buy online. 
Today's must-have?
Cat-like reflexes. 
There's been a cosmic shift in my house since Thomas turned two.  He's always been on-the-go; even before he was born, the nurses used to say they'd never heard a more active baby!  This helped prepare me for a little mover.  
But in the past couple weeks, Thomas has given Jeremy and I more scares and grey hairs than I can count!  He's trying (and succeeded once) to climb out of his crib, he's tripping, he's becoming a little daredevil!  We've had bloody noses, split lips, scrapes, name it.  Our reflexes are constantly on point and on alert.  I had no idea my arms and legs could shoot as long or as fast as they can!
I know Thomas is a boy who is two and so this is completely normal.  We waited as long as possible, but we've latched our kitchen cupboards, pantry door and a couple drawers.  When he somehow expertly extracts a large knife and sharpener, then proceeds to use the two know it's time to baby-proof!  Luckily he is a cautious guy for the most part and doesn't act recklessly without thinking.  But sometimes he's faster than his little legs can handle. Or that I can handle ;)
It's insane just how constantly aware you have to be as a parent.  No matter what you are doing, you always have to have an eye in the back of your head watching your little one.  When he goes down for a nap, I often just sit and finally let myself wind down or turn-off for a few minutes.  It's like I am Rosie the Robot on The Jetsons.  Just need to recharge before it's go-go-go again!
Come on parents, you are too slow!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Nail of the Day

Another Nail of the Day, another Wet n Wild polish.  Yes, I know this is repetitive, but you know how much I heart these polishes.  The formula, the price, the staying power...
This colour is Wet Cement and was gifted to me by a very lovely subscriber Elizabeth and I featured it in my gift unboxing video.  It's a beautiful neutral, something I think is perfect to pair with a brighter, Spring outfit.  It's grey, with a hint of mauve. Love it! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shopaholic? Me?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review - Demi

The latest album from Demi Lovato is simply titled: Demi.  It's her fourth studio album and starts with the hit song Heart Attack.  I would blush to tell you how many times I've had that song on repeat!  I just love it.  The X Factor judge has been in the business since she could barely walk (starting on Barney) and seems to be an old pro at such a young age.  She showcases her experience by pouring her heart and experiences into every song.  Demi's been through rehab, dealing with some serious issues and wants to use her background to help others in a positive way.  She's a strong role model for girls and women.  I like when artists take risks and try new sounds; this is something Demi Lovato does on Demi.  Yes they are some safe, bound-to-be-radio-hits like Heart Attack and Made in the USA, but there also some newer sounds.  I love her collab with Cher Lloyd, Really Don't Care.  She's clearly still trying to find her niche.  But I am happy to listen to her amazing voice and crank up Demi in the process.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The "My Firsts" Tag

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review - A Casual Vacancy

This book has been out for a few months now, but I finally got around the reading it and wanted to share my thoughts.  The Casual Vacancy is the first "adult" novel by J.K. Rowling, famed author of the Harry Potter series.  Now, don't be confused by me saying it is "adult".  I just mean it's geared more towards adults as opposed to children.  Does that make sense?
I hadn't read any reviews online and had no expectations.  Although I absolutely loved the HP series, which I only recently read, I didn't know how Rowling's writing would translate to an older audience.  I applaud her branching out and trying something new.  Let's be honest, she could retire and have more money than she could ever spend!  
  The Casual Vacancy is set in a small town and at the start of the book, one of the town council members dies suddenly, thus creating the "vacancy".  At times this is a simple story of a small town and how a sudden change has a seismic shift in the residents' lives.  At other points though, this book deeply explores domestic issues of all varieties, focusing on some tough situations.  It can be tough to read at times, but considering Rowling has a rough past, I think she wanted to bring attention to certain issues.
I liked The Casual Vacancy.  The town setting was comforting, reminding me of my small-town childhood and was a great backdrop to this story.  It's an easy, well-written read, although there are quite a few characters to keep track of! 
One other note...if you have the chance, choose to buy/borrow this story on your e-reader.  The hardcover is so heavy!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Years Today

Today my son Thomas is turning two.  I am vlogging today, so stay tuned for that!  Sneak peek: I am baking a cake for the first time! 
Last year I did a video montage of his first year which you can see here.  I also recounted his birth story here
Not to sound cliche, but I can't believe how big he is and how fast he's changing!  Every day I swear Jeremy and I have stories to recount about something T did or improved upon.  For example, this morning Thomas decided he is no longer a baby who needs a crib and climbed out of it.  I knew this would happen, but the timing is pretty funny!  In the past year he's seen too many milestones to list, but a few would be talking, crawling, walking, running, first haircut, first plane ride, first jump into the pool...the list goes on and on.
I am proud of our family and how we've handled the past two years.  It's been challenging and scary at times, but more rewarding and filled with love than I ever could have imagined. 
Here's to the next year!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Naked Basics - Worth the Hype?

I hauled this palette recently in a video and had a few requests to tell you what I think of it.  This is the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.  I bought mine at Sephora after being tempted for months.  Many other bloggers and vloggers have been raving about this product.  As you can see from the photo above, it is quite compact.
I think this is the perfect compact to carry with you or to take on vacation.  You can  make countless looks from subtle and simple to vampy and sexy. 
The Naked Basics comes with six shades.  I had been looking for a good matte palette and this has been fabulous.  I have worn a combination of these shades to work every day since I bought it.

Venus is the only colour with a slight satin finish, with the other four being completely matte.  I am very impressed with the colour pay-off, the pigment, how long the shades last and just the over-all product.  I even used Crave as my eyeliner to create a more night-time appropriate look last Saturday. 
I always thought these six shades looked like nothing special and that they wouldn't be worth the hype or money ($32 in Canada).
I was wrong.
I have used every single colour and absolutely love the results.  They can be mixed in a number of different ways and for six high-quality eyeshadows, the price is reasonable. 

This is just a quick example of a look I did for work today.  I love how it really makes my eyes pop, but is suited for the office, creating a soft, yet put-together look.   
Spoiler alert: this will be in my May favourites.  If you've been on the fence about Naked Basics, come over to my side.  You won't regret it;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wise Word Wednesday

This may be a simple quote.  But it's a good one.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Whirlwind Haul

This is a picture I posted on all my social media sites Sunday of a lil haul I did.  
And I also filmed another haul earlier this week.  
Yes.  This happened
(In case you can't tell what the book is, it's the first fiction novel written by actress Lauren Graham.  Stay tuned for a giveaway!)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Nail of the Day

For today's Nail of the Day, you may be thinking, "that's not very spring-like".  But, camoflauge and earthy tones are very popular right now and I think this is also a nice neutral to balance the bright fashion.  This OPI shade is called, Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window.
I kid you not. 
My radio co-host gets a huge kick out of the different names of nail polish.  He's always asking me what colour I am wearing, wondering why they aren't just called red, pink or blue.  It's pretty funny!  He saw this shade and said he had to buy it because they name is so hilarious.  Typical guy ;)
Terrible name aside, I love this colour!  It's not one I would have ever picked out myself, but it is so gorgeous.  It's earthy and neutral, yet eye-catching and unique.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's In My Spring Bag

I thought I would do a twist on the typical "What's in My Bag" video and instead show you the essentials I like to carry during the Spring.  I recently found this beautiful bag and want to keep it light instead of jamming it full as I usually do! Hopefully some of these ideas will work for you:)

Friday, May 10, 2013


In case you don't follow me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (PS you should!), I thought I would post some recent photos again today.  I like to do these updates at random to look back and just did one a couple weeks ago.
I finally wore my bib necklace from Joe Fresh.  Usually a little hesitant about big statment necklaces but I paired it with a t-shirt to balance it out.  
Oh how I heart caffiene.  Especially while doing a morning radio show! 
As you saw in my latest vlog, Thomas tried his very first ice cream cone recently.  Now it's all he wants! 
 I can't be the only one who likes a good face mask on a Friday afternoon, right?  Oh I am such a party animal;)  (For those of you asking, this is the Queen Helene Mint Julep.  I love it!)
 My co-host thought the name of this nail polish was funny.  So, naturally he bought it for me!  In case you can't read the bottom, it is OPI's Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window.  Nice, right?
 I love taking flowers as a gift to a dinner party and these bad boys were just too pretty to leave in the store!  Can I also just say this photo turned out like a painting? 
We raised money for our local hospital during a live radio broadcast.  $105,000! 
  A frequent view in my life.  Work!
And yes, I can finally wear shoes without socks because the temperature has warmed considerably.  PS: I hate socks.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seinfeld & A Slide

I meant for this to be a vlog of our anniversary date night, but ended up going on for the whole weekend!  I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of a few days in my life.  Thank goodness the warm weather has arrived because I was starting to wonder if it was going to bypass us completely this year;)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wise Word Wednesday

I LOVE Mary Tyler Moore.  She is just the epitome of grace, humor, style and timelessness.  If you've never seen her tv show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, test it out!  I have all the seasons on DVD and just love it.  Set decades ago, it has a fun premise and is a comfort to watch. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nail of the Day

This is one of the most unique nail polishes I have ever worn.  Today's Nail of the Day is Rare and Radiant from China Glaze.  I had to post four photos because it is just so many different shades, depending on the angle and the light!  I don't have too many China Glaze polishes but this one stood out immediately.  It didn't chip and it also came off easily when I changed my polish.  I'm not sure how often I will wear it until the fall, but I love finding different colours!    

Monday, May 6, 2013

Review - Part of Me

I know this movie has been out for almost a year, but I wanted to review it anyway.  Quite a few times recently Part of Me has come up in conversation and I've been asked what I thought or if it's worth seeing.
I love it.
Watch it.
In fact, if you have Netflix, they just added it a few weeks ago.  This was the very first 3D movie I saw (yes, I was behind the trend, I know).  By no means will you be missing anything by watching it on your regular tv.
Part of Me chronicles the massive California Dreams Tour Katy Perry did to promote her last album of the same name.  It also explains how she got to where she is now.  It's fabulous to see just how hard a pop star works on tour because what we see is just a small portion of the puzzle.  Katy Perry was dropped by label after label and scoffed at many times befor being signed to her current label.  To see her be rejected but continue to work hard and be herself, it's motivating.  It's also moving.  Cameras were rolling during this shoot at the same time as the demise of her relationship with ex-husband Russel Brand.  I have seen Part of Me three times, and cry every time.  I think it's a privilege to see such candid behind-the-scenes footage.  If you've never been to a big budget concert, this is also a fun way to see the glitz, the costumes and just how hard Katy Perry has to sing every night.
This movie isn't just for existing Katy Perry fans.  If you like the story of a hard-worker who is always true to herself, no matter what the odds, this is for you.  Or, if you are like my husband and like a lil eye-candy, this is for you;) 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some More Trash!

You know I love to hoard my trash and then talk about it!  Here's yet another installment of my Empties videos series.  Thankfully I can finally get rid of all this garbage...only to save some more for the next video!
Also, speaking of YouTube, a very generous and lovely subscriber of mine mailed me a package earlier this week filled with goodies.  Thomas and I filmed an un-boxing to share with you all the treasures!  If you want to see if, here's a link to that video!
oxox Mare

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sell? Donate? Keep?

I have been doing some major spring cleaning in the past few weeks.  I usually take an hour or so while Thomas has a nap and tackle one section of the house.  I did my bathroom and will be filming a new bathroom storage video soon.  Then I went through all of my clothes and put away the winter ones to make room for my spring/summer items.  I was shocked at how many items I could donate or throw away.  Feels like a weight is lifted every time I can get rid of things. 
I threw out a ton of old papers and notebooks, basically just junk, from my office next.  But, I am stumped about what to do with my books.  The picture above is just small portion of our library.  There are some books I want to keep to lend to friends or on the off-chance I will re-read them.  But some in this collection are books I didn't like or will never read again.  What do you do with your old books?  Keep forever?  Donate? Sell? 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nail of the Day

I know I know...another Wet n Wild Megalast...this is getting to be redundant!  But, I just can't help myself.  This colour is Heatwave and although in the bottle and in person it looks to be a very bright red, on the nails it is more of a vibrant orange.  It will be better suited in a few months, once the weather is hot around here.  And yes, once again, the formulation is fabulous and it's not chipping.  I just can't say no to these drugstore nail polishes!  
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