Friday, May 10, 2013


In case you don't follow me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (PS you should!), I thought I would post some recent photos again today.  I like to do these updates at random to look back and just did one a couple weeks ago.
I finally wore my bib necklace from Joe Fresh.  Usually a little hesitant about big statment necklaces but I paired it with a t-shirt to balance it out.  
Oh how I heart caffiene.  Especially while doing a morning radio show! 
As you saw in my latest vlog, Thomas tried his very first ice cream cone recently.  Now it's all he wants! 
 I can't be the only one who likes a good face mask on a Friday afternoon, right?  Oh I am such a party animal;)  (For those of you asking, this is the Queen Helene Mint Julep.  I love it!)
 My co-host thought the name of this nail polish was funny.  So, naturally he bought it for me!  In case you can't read the bottom, it is OPI's Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window.  Nice, right?
 I love taking flowers as a gift to a dinner party and these bad boys were just too pretty to leave in the store!  Can I also just say this photo turned out like a painting? 
We raised money for our local hospital during a live radio broadcast.  $105,000! 
  A frequent view in my life.  Work!
And yes, I can finally wear shoes without socks because the temperature has warmed considerably.  PS: I hate socks.


  1. Love the Pic of Thomas with the ice cream. It's like he can't get it in fast enough. Yum, Ice cream. Is 8:30am too early to indulge? Probably :(

  2. I hate socks too, but you never really have to wear them. I wear flip flops in summer, sneakers in spring and fall, and boots in winter all without socks. I'm always barefoot at home too, just turn the heat up if it gets cold.


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