Monday, May 13, 2013

Nail of the Day

For today's Nail of the Day, you may be thinking, "that's not very spring-like".  But, camoflauge and earthy tones are very popular right now and I think this is also a nice neutral to balance the bright fashion.  This OPI shade is called, Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window.
I kid you not. 
My radio co-host gets a huge kick out of the different names of nail polish.  He's always asking me what colour I am wearing, wondering why they aren't just called red, pink or blue.  It's pretty funny!  He saw this shade and said he had to buy it because they name is so hilarious.  Typical guy ;)
Terrible name aside, I love this colour!  It's not one I would have ever picked out myself, but it is so gorgeous.  It's earthy and neutral, yet eye-catching and unique.

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