Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review - Demi

The latest album from Demi Lovato is simply titled: Demi.  It's her fourth studio album and starts with the hit song Heart Attack.  I would blush to tell you how many times I've had that song on repeat!  I just love it.  The X Factor judge has been in the business since she could barely walk (starting on Barney) and seems to be an old pro at such a young age.  She showcases her experience by pouring her heart and experiences into every song.  Demi's been through rehab, dealing with some serious issues and wants to use her background to help others in a positive way.  She's a strong role model for girls and women.  I like when artists take risks and try new sounds; this is something Demi Lovato does on Demi.  Yes they are some safe, bound-to-be-radio-hits like Heart Attack and Made in the USA, but there also some newer sounds.  I love her collab with Cher Lloyd, Really Don't Care.  She's clearly still trying to find her niche.  But I am happy to listen to her amazing voice and crank up Demi in the process.

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