Monday, May 6, 2013

Review - Part of Me

I know this movie has been out for almost a year, but I wanted to review it anyway.  Quite a few times recently Part of Me has come up in conversation and I've been asked what I thought or if it's worth seeing.
I love it.
Watch it.
In fact, if you have Netflix, they just added it a few weeks ago.  This was the very first 3D movie I saw (yes, I was behind the trend, I know).  By no means will you be missing anything by watching it on your regular tv.
Part of Me chronicles the massive California Dreams Tour Katy Perry did to promote her last album of the same name.  It also explains how she got to where she is now.  It's fabulous to see just how hard a pop star works on tour because what we see is just a small portion of the puzzle.  Katy Perry was dropped by label after label and scoffed at many times befor being signed to her current label.  To see her be rejected but continue to work hard and be herself, it's motivating.  It's also moving.  Cameras were rolling during this shoot at the same time as the demise of her relationship with ex-husband Russel Brand.  I have seen Part of Me three times, and cry every time.  I think it's a privilege to see such candid behind-the-scenes footage.  If you've never been to a big budget concert, this is also a fun way to see the glitz, the costumes and just how hard Katy Perry has to sing every night.
This movie isn't just for existing Katy Perry fans.  If you like the story of a hard-worker who is always true to herself, no matter what the odds, this is for you.  Or, if you are like my husband and like a lil eye-candy, this is for you;) 

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  1. Loved watching it. Can't wait for another movie night!


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