Friday, May 3, 2013

Sell? Donate? Keep?

I have been doing some major spring cleaning in the past few weeks.  I usually take an hour or so while Thomas has a nap and tackle one section of the house.  I did my bathroom and will be filming a new bathroom storage video soon.  Then I went through all of my clothes and put away the winter ones to make room for my spring/summer items.  I was shocked at how many items I could donate or throw away.  Feels like a weight is lifted every time I can get rid of things. 
I threw out a ton of old papers and notebooks, basically just junk, from my office next.  But, I am stumped about what to do with my books.  The picture above is just small portion of our library.  There are some books I want to keep to lend to friends or on the off-chance I will re-read them.  But some in this collection are books I didn't like or will never read again.  What do you do with your old books?  Keep forever?  Donate? Sell? 


  1. You could try taking them to the book store down town and see if you could get a few dollars to put toward new books you want to read. I am pretty sure the Boys and Girls Club does a garage sale every year, you could donate to that, or to another club that does something similar. Or maybe start a book swap club. :) Just a few options.

  2. We take ours to a used book store they buy most of our our books by giving us a credit of 25% of the purchase price. Then we use the credit to purchase books from them for 50% of purchase price.
    If you find a good store this is a great deal for everyone.
    It took us a while to find a store that only has good quality books in excellent condition so you just have to research.
    If we have books our store can not use we donate them to a thrift store it helps the charity and passes on the enjoyment.
    Of course some books you will keep, they become a collection like my cook books :)


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